Urgent Notice 
Due to the Government CoronaVirus restrictions placed on crowd assembly and the closure of our normal meeting location the Rotary Club of Engadine will not be meeting for the next few months,until there is a clearance by the Government,
Should you wish to contact the club on Rotary matters,  please see our contact details on the Club website through 
Note also the following
  1.That our Engadine Markets has closed for the time being.  See details on  https://www.facebook.com/engadinecommunitymarkets/    
  2.That our Sydney to Surfers annual bike ride has also been cancelled. See also https://www.sydneytosurfers.org.au/ 
When this pandemic is over we will back and rearing to go - After all, Rotary has gone through such events since 1905 ( now 115 years) and Engadine Rotary since 1973 (47 years).
In the meantime, we will be working in the back ground, so watch out for our announcements from time to time